Affordable Health Care 

As a nurse, Rachel Prusak has been caring for seniors in their homes and at the bedside of those with serious illnesses. She knows that when it comes to healthcare, affordability is accessibility. She will support legislation to ensure healthcare for all and tighter regulations on prescription drug prices.

Rachel is proud to be endorsed by the Oregon Nurses Association, an organization that recognizes that Rachel will bring a strong voice to Salem for nurses, patients, and, moreover, all Oregonians.

Strong Public Schools

Rachel knows that public education is key to strong communities and a strong economy.  She will support efforts to provide stable and predictable funding for public schools.  To increase graduation rates, she will also focus on strengthening pathways to our community colleges, apprenticeships, and universities.

Our school systems are the foundation of our society and ensuring that Oregonians have access to a quality education needs to be a priority for all legislators.


Rachel understands that the economic well-being of our communities impacts all aspects of our lives. Supporting Oregon’s small businesses is our state’s best strategy for creating new jobs and strengthening our economy. Rachel believes that it’s critical that those jobs are living wage jobs in order to keep up with the growing costs that our families face.

Our state can do so much more to invest in our workers and their families. When basic needs are met, our communities thrive. Rachel will fight for an economy that works for everyone.


Rachel is ready to work hard and find solutions to traffic congestion to protect our quality of life. She knows that commuting to school and work quickly and safely is critical to investing in our district’s future.  A strong infrastructure is key to a vibrant community.

Rachel is committed to assessing the issues in House District 37 surrounding Oregon Route 43 and I-205.  She will work with ODOT to ensure that the concerns of our community are addressed.

Opioid Epidemic

Oregon ranks last in the nation in addiction treatment and we lose one Oregonian each day to opioid abuse. The highest rate of opioid prescriptions of all Veterans Affairs hospitals nationwide is a medical center here in Oregon. The state also has the highest rate of seniors hospitalized for opioid-related issues in the country. This epidemic costs Oregon taxpayers $5.9 billion annually.

Rachel feels it is a moral and fiscal imperative to align our resources to solve this problem. She supports decriminalizing addiction and treatment of the disease using prevention, intervention, and medication recovery support that includes access to mental health and stable housing. Rachel will advocate for the development and implementation of a comprehensive addiction recovery plan rooted in nationally proven practices.