Meet Rachel

I'm excited to announce that I am running to be the state representative for House District 37. For years, I’ve worked in this district caring for and helping my patients. Often when they are at their most vulnerable; facing a life-changing illness or simply trying to live their senior years with dignity.

Sitting in a living room or at a bedside, I am a nurse. But fundamentally, I am their advocate. I listen, I believe and I act to get them the care they need and deserve.

I believe we need more elected officials with lived experience, both personally and professionally, who have witnessed the tragedy forced upon us by those in power who don’t believe that health care is a human right.

Growing up my father was diagnosed with cancer. To survive, he depended on Medicaid for his treatment – and for our family to make ends meet, we depended on social services.

I recall my mother's embarrassment when she used food stamps to feed us. I also remember, even at that early age, thinking that it was sad my mom felt shame for needing help. It was clear then, and remains clear now, that some in our society have a harmful and hurtful attitude toward those in need.

I am tired of seeing my elderly patients not seek out healthcare needs because of costs.

I am tired of seeing them in their kitchen rationing their medication.

I am tired of seeing families rely on food banks and meals-on-wheels to keep from going hungry.

Seniors who have worked their entire lives should not be living their finals years in doubt of their next meal and their next dose of medicine.  And for all our families, a safety net is in place for these times of crisis – when we are faced with an accident, a cancer diagnosis or the birth of an infant born with a life-long disability.

As State Representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure that Oregonians have access to every opportunity for success. I will fight for the underserved in our communities, and I will be a fierce advocate to pass legislation surrounding access to affordable healthcare for all, investment in education, and living-wage job creation. For two decades now, I have been on the frontlines of healthcare as a nurse and an advocate. I have seen and experienced some of the challenges that face folks across the country and I am eager to work on addressing them through legislation.

I will take on the challenges of Salem just as I have throughout my nursing career. Like when I served as an ambassador for the national health service corps in some of our nation's most neglected communities. Like when I created the first diabetes clinic in a community ravaged by the disease. Like when I worked in communities destroyed by addiction and when I volunteered after Hurricane Katrina, creating a clinic in a community that had no other access to care.

Everyone deserves a representative they can count on. I will be that representative and will bring needed expertise, compassion and unstoppable determination. Nurses are in our community clinics…. at the bedside in our hospitals AND WE BELONG in our State Capitol.

WE BELONG everywhere we can advocate for our patients and communities. Nurses are not afraid to fight for what is right even when it’s not easy. If you are ready to fight with me I ask you to join my campaign by donating and volunteering. Let’s work together to fight for families, the homeless, the elderly, our mothers and our children.