Why I’m Running

As a nurse, I have worked in communities across Oregon, including House District 37, caring for people when they are at their most vulnerable: those facing a life-changing illness or simply trying to live out their senior years with dignity.

Sitting with my patients in their living rooms or at their bedside, I am their nurse. But most importantly, I am their advocate. I listen to them and I act to get them the care they need and deserve.

I’m running for office because we need more elected officials with lived experience, both personally and professionally, who have witnessed the tragedy forced upon us by those in power who don’t believe that health care is a human right.

I’ll work tirelessly to ensure that all Oregonians have every opportunity for success.  Our community deserves a representative they can count on.  One who will act with expertise, compassion and unstoppable determination. One who will fight to pass legislation that increases access to affordable healthcare, invests in our public education system, and protects our environment.

Nurses are in our community clinics, at the bedside in our hospitals, and WE BELONG in our State Capitol. If you are ready to fight with me, I ask you to join my campaign by donating and volunteering.

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