April 16, 2020

Resources to help understand the guidelines issued by the Department of Education. Click on links for more information on that topic.

Distance Learning for All – formal guidance
Overview of Guidelines

If you have a senior and are concerned with graduation, you can find guidance at:
Graduation Pathways for Seniors

If you are contemplating at-home learning and are looking for general guidance, you can look to these resources:
Tigard Tualatin School District
Students Taking IB Classes

At-Home Learning Resources

West Linn Wilsonville School District 

Supplemental Learning Page

A Guide for At-Home Learning (English)
A Guide for At-Home Learning (Spanish)
District Distance Learning Planning Tool

Teach From Home (Educator Resources)
Resources for Parents of a Child with Disabilities

If you are worried about accessing resources at home, here are a few options to help:
How to get Low Cost Internet Access at Home

Childcare Resources

Our students are deeply impacted by the change in their daily lives and if you are wondering how to best support students during this time, please look at these resources:
How to Support Children and Teens Through Loss and Trauma

Mental Health and Social Support Resources for Migrant and Non-English Speaking Families

Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students with Distance Learning

How to Support LGBTQ+ Youth

Resources for Youth Suicide Prevention