Elected and Community Leaders

Elected officials

Mayor of West Linn, Russ Axelrod

Mayor of Milwaukie, Mark Gamba

Clackamas County Commissioners Ken Humberston

Lake Oswego City Councillor Theresa Kohlhof

Governor Barbara Roberts

Dylan Hydes: West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.
“Our district needs a leader who will fight to stabilize education funding rather than advocating for unnecessary corporate tax breaks. Rachel Prusak is a tireless advocate for our students, and would be a powerful, positive force for change in our legislature.”

Chelsea King Martin:  West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.
“Rachel is the one we can count on to stand up for educators, parents, and students”

Community Members

Teri MillsTualatin, grandmother, educator.
“I am proud to endorse my trusted nurses colleague, Rachel Prusak, to be the next State Representative for HD 37.  Rachel shares the values of those who live in the district. She will fight to make sure that every Oregonian has access to affordable healthcare.  Rachel believes that every child deserves a quality education and will work on legislation aimed at stabilizing school funding. Rachel understands that our environment has a direct impact on our health and that it must be protected.”

Travis Williams: West Linn, father, environmentalist.
“Rachel will fight for our clean air and water. She understands how important a healthy environment is for healthy communities, and will protect the natural areas we love.”

Abby FarberWest Linn Neighborhood Leader.
“As a citizen of West Linn I feel that now, more than ever, we need people in government who are compassionate to those less fortunate than many of us; who stand up for other humans and their rights, and who vote on issues the way they tell us they feel.  Rachel is all this and more. We need progressive politicians like her to keep our cities and great State of Oregon a place where all people are welcome and supported.”

Stacey Epstein: West Linn, grandmother, retired nurse, food bank volunteer.
“I live in West Linn, and I am endorsing Rachel Prusak for state representative in HD 37. Her experience and commitment will allow her to fight for our access to healthcare, sensible gun legislation, and quality education. Oregon Needs Rachel Prusak. HD 37 needs Rachel Prusak.

Glendora ClaybrooksTualatin, Mother, Neighborhood Leader, Chair of the Black American Caucus (BAC) of the Washington County Democratic Party.
“I am excited to endorse Rachel Prusak’s Campaign for the next State Representative of District 37 because of her principles, political and social positions on critical issues that most closely identify with mine and those of the Party with which she represents. I believe she has the judgment, the knowledge, characteristics, and the courage to make difficult decisions about accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare, education, housing, and household income issues as she fights to improve the wellbeing of all Oregonians.

Emily Teixeira: West Linn Mother, Local Group Lead, Moms Demand Action- Oregon.
“I’m supporting Rachel Prusak because she has spent a lifetime putting the needs of others first. I know she will fight to make our community safer for my children. As a gun violence prevention candidate, she will support common sense legislative solutions and work with community leaders to educate about the importance of gun safety