Meet Rachel

For more than 20 years I have worked as a nurse in communities across America. Oregon's reputation as a healthcare leader and its natural beauty drew me here.

I’m running for State Representative because It is time for a change in our district. We deserve a representative who is committed to building a healthy community, who understands that our community is stronger when we work together and take care of each other.

Currently I serve disabled and elderly homebound patients and specialize in palliative and hospice care. You learn a lot about what’s important by spending hours in living rooms and bedsides, listening to their dreams and fears, sharing their faith, and giving them hope. But I’ve also seen a darker side, in my work and in our community.

I WATCH my elderly patients worry about seeking care because of the costs.

I SEE them in their kitchens rationing their medication.

I WATCH families rely on food banks to keep from going hungry.

I’m tired of elected officials that don’t believe there is a need for government to address these issues.

I have seen for myself the importance of support services.  When I was young, my father was diagnosed with cancer. To survive, he depended on Medicaid – and for our family to make ends meet, we depended on social services.

I recall my mother's embarrassment when she used food stamps to feed us. I also remember, even at that early age, thinking that it was sad my mom felt shame. It’s a terrible thing when people in power – people who claim to represent us – would deny those in need instead of reaching out to help.

As State Representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure that Oregonians have access to every opportunity for success. I will fight for the underserved in our communities, and I will be a fierce advocate to pass legislation surrounding access to affordable healthcare, investment in education, and living-wage job creation. I will take on the challenges of Salem just as I have throughout my nursing career.

I am proud to be a strong advocate for my patients.  As an Oregonian and your neighbor, I will fight just as hard for our shared values in Salem. My name is Rachel Prusak and I am running to become your state representative in District 37.


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