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Honored that our campaign received the cross Nomination from Oregon Working Families Party!


Here's a look at Rachel Prusak, a candidate seeking our nomination at the 2018 Nominating Convention this Sunday.Together, we're fighting to ensure accessible healthcare for all, end corporate dominance of politics, and guarantee a welcoming Oregon for everyone. Will you join us?*Please note: We will be posting all videos submitted by potential WFP candidates (in no particular order!) -- this post does not indicate support. To have a voice in our nominations process, be sure to join us on Sunday!

Posted by Oregon Working Families Party on Thursday, August 2, 2018
Read about Rachel’s experience while door knocking in HD 37 when she met residents of an apartment complex all of whom received No-Cause Evictions.
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Read about how Rachel Prusak serves the community:
Tigard healthcare provider brings back good old-fashioned house calls.

House call Providers article

Read about how Rachel Prusak works to make genuine connections:
PCP surprises patient with a glimpse into her past

Oregon Nurses Association

As a nurse for 20 years, I am beyond pleased that my first major endorsement is from Oregon Nurses Association!
See their post on Facebook here: ONA Official Facebook Page